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Advice & Fitting Childrens Shoes

The growing team of staff at Stampede are not only trained by kids heavyweight school-shoe brand and arch competitor of Clarks - Start-rite. ALL staff are certificated in the art of shoe-fitting but owner Donna Marshall has taken it one step further and is a qualified as Master of the Society of Shoefitters, equipping her and colleagues with in-depth specialist knowledge of shoe-fitting. Post Start-rite training, staff are as qualified as any high street competitor ‘shoe-fitter’, however, Donna ensures all new recruits undergo a month-long training schedule in-store before being unleashed on the general public. She not only believes that shoe fitting is key but insists on staff having an understanding of shoe manufacture, foot anatomy and of course the thing we really pride ourselves on - excellent customer service and how to work with little people creating a professional yet FUN environment.

How often should I check the fit of my child’s shoes?

Generally every 8-12 weeks. Children’s feet grow erratically in fits and starts and could grow by ½ size in this period. Children aged four and upwards should have shoes checked every 10-12 weeks (and at least every 4 months). Stampede staff are all trained shoe fitters and will not recommend a new pair unless required. Please don’t hesitate to drop in and ask us simply to check for you.

The measuring gauge showed my child as being a size 7F although he has been fitted with a different size shoe.

A fitting gauge is only a guide for a qualified Stampede fitter to use and is made specifically to fit Start-rite shoes - this may mean variations in sizes with our other brands.

What is the difference between Clark’s and Start-rite fittings?

Clark’s shoes generally measure half a size bigger and sometimes wider than a Start-rite shoe.

When should my child start wearing his first pair of shoes?

When he can walk most of the day unaided and you want to go outside. This can be from any time between 7 months and 2 years. A first shoe is to protect feet and should be designed around the shape of the feet (slim at heel and wide at the forepart). It should respond to the demands of your little one’s foot i.e. weight bearing, balance and movement. They should be firm yet snug at the heel and flexible at the front.

How can we as parents help look after our child’s feet?

Make sure socks are good quality cotton and are not too small or misshapen. Check toe seams for a ‘casting-off’ knot which can irritate toes. Socks which are too small will restrict growth - throw them out!

Do not hand down shoes. They take the shape of the previous wearer and will not support in vital areas.

Keep feet clean. Dry between toes and cut nails straight across and gently file any corners.

Can my child wear trainers/Crocs all day long?

Wear the right shoe for the right occasion. Crocs, Flip-flops, Wellies and Canvas shoes are not designed to be worn all day, every day. Your child's main go to footwear should be a supportive breathable shoe/boot/sandal or trainer.


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