Crocs Crocband Grass Green / White / Blazing Orange Clog 204537-3R4

Code: AA0797

Join the Band Crocs Crocband Kids shoe based on the best selling Crocs classic shoe, this Crocband has all the qualities you want and expect from Crocs, but with the extra bit of.....well.....Va Va Voom Inspired by Retro, the crocband is a pretty cool customer in the stylish stakes, sleek, eye-catching and's all you need really, to step out in style Here's the science bit.. Croslite™ All Crocs™ shoes feature Croslite™ material, our revolutionary proprietary closed-cell resin, which represents a substantial innovation in footwear. The Croslite™ material enables us to produce comfortable, lightweight, ergonomic, antimicrobial, odor resistant and recyclable shoes. These unique elements make Crocs™ footwear ideal for casual wear, as well as for professional and recreational uses. Odor Resistant Odor resistant. Comfortable The shock absorbing soles relieves pressure from your feet, lower legs, knees, hips and lower back, reducing fatigue over time. Ergonomic Ergonomically certified, by United States Ergonomics, and proven to reduce muscle fatigue up to 62.6% more than standing barefoot. Antimicrobial Crocs™ shoes are made from our proprietary material, Croslite™. this revolutionary closed cell resin is known for its antimicrobial properties, making them odor resistant and incredibly easy to clean (simply use soap and water). Lightweight Croslite™ material makes Crocs™ shoes amazingly lightweight; a fully molded pair of Crocs™ shoes weighing less than 10 ouncesFully moulded Croslite™ material construction for maximum lightweight cushioning. Sporty midsole band inspired by the classic vulcanised style. Croslite™ material heel strap for a secure fit. Holes for jibbitz™ shoe charms for personalisation.